We Need Your Help. We Can't Do It Alone.

We Need Your Help. We Can't Do It Alone.

You are extraordinary as you continue to help Saving tiny Hearts Society fund the research that will ultimately save the lives of countless children born with congenital heart defects.

StHS is in honor of all children - a daughter, a brother, a dear friend. It is our greatest hope that five years from now, research into heart defects will make incredible strides and revolutionary breakthroughs to save the lives of all tiny hearts, but we are not there yet. You can be the change that we need!

At the end of November, our Medical Advisory Board will determine research that is the most worthy of funding. We have over 23 applications from institutions across the country with world-renowned heart surgeons, scientists, and pediatric cardiologists asking for seed monies to start their revolutionary proposals. Our dream is to be able to grant every life saving, ground breaking application that our Medical Adviosry Board deems crucial.

Since the start of StHS, we have raised over a million dollars to fund nine heart defect research grants. In 2011, we raised a quarter of a million dollars to fund three research projects, but we couldn't fund every project that we had hoped to support. Many children and adolescents who survive into adulthood continue to die because of a lack of research to save them.

This year can be different - you can be the difference in the lives of these children. It is truly everyone's kindness that will help us change the future of medicine. To save the lived of countless tiny hearts - how remarkable their future will be because of you!

Thank you with all of our hearts, for giving years.

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Baby Myles Awaiting His Third Heart Surgery

One year old baby Myles awaiting his third heart surgery